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 pg 1    Open Letter #1 
             (To all U.S. Elected Officials)  & related links
            Open Letter #2
              (To the British - Mad Cow, etc.)  & related links
            Open Letter #3
              (To All Citizens of the World)  & related links
            Open Letter #4
              To President George W. Bush  & related links

pg 2   The Advocate FREEDOM  Hall of Honor
           Featured Article:
    The Spirit of Independence
                                                     by Diane Harvey

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pg 3    It is time to Advocate FREEDOM!
            &  FutureAMERICA?  &  Excerpts
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            &  More About the Book

My Commentary Archives
     Topics :     IMMIGRATION  & related links
                       OPERATION NOBLE EAGLE  & related links
                       CONSPIRACY THEORIES - My take  & links

pg 4  Emails sent to politicians, et al  & related links

pg 5  The SECOND AMENDMENT page 
                2ndA WEBSITES        Gun Control Articles 

pg 7  My "Sightings" - personal experiences

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 Theme,  Intent  and  Purpose

     The Intent and Purpose of this website are to act as a forum to advocate American patriotism and implementation of any serious, positive, constructive concepts that make RATIONAL contributions to advancement of The United States of America,
our Constitutional Republic, Freedom, Democracy,
and the one Human Race.  

     Our Theme, as is the theme of my book, FutureAMERICA?, shall be to advocate Freedom, Liberty, Peace and betterment of the Human Condition.   We shall advocate American patriotism as the motivation to develop constructive Concepts for the conduct of our government, and shall strive to inform the general Citizenry about such ideas.   We shall advocate Coordination of Political Pressures, Enactment of relevant Legislation and Enforcement of Constitutional Law to counter attempts to impose any tyrannical "one world government"
or "New World Order."  

     In this "Advocate FREEDOM" website I'll post "Commentaries" and "Open Letters" I've written. (Do not misconstrue "advocate freedom."   This site is sex-free and porn-free.)   We shall advocate Freedom and Liberty and American patriotism as the driving forces for constructive change.   We'll endeavor to illustrate how most contemporary problems have grown from deviation from, or failure to incorporate, rational basic moral, ethical, Constitutional, economic or common sense values.    We'll discuss sovereignity, political, educational, economic and agricultural reforms, and advocate corrections or solutions.  

     Current issues pertinent to our American government, such as patriotism, guns and gun control, our U.S. flag, immigration, ecology, Operation Enduring Freedom, election reform, new voting system possibilities, conservative political concepts, agriculture, chemical or biological warfare, secret weapons and genetic engineering shall be addressed.   All these are topics of vital interest, and if we are to earnestly advocate Freedom, Liberty, and American patriotism we must advocate informative, rational exploration.   (See FutureAMERICA? for precise definition of "rational" when italicized.)  

     Political machinations of the "New World Order" (NWO), "One World Government," or "globalism" schemes of the United Nations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger group, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Federal Reserve, NATO, and the corporo-military monopolistic syndicate shall be pursued, including exploration of the economics and political effects of NAFTA, GATT, etc.   Objective, informative examinations of the meanings of federalism, democratic republic, and of American patriotism itself, as well as articles that advocate Democracy, Liberty, States Rights, and the Rule of Law shall be linked from this site to illuminate various viewpoints.   That our LINKS pages might become a helpful government information source or directory is not beyond our ambitions.

"TEA PARTY" adherents should find this website to be a bountiful information source.  

     But the reader shall find no rabblerousing here.   As we advocate freedom and patriotism, our desire is to provide a forum for informed discussion so truth might be applied constructively to better the Human condition.   In this effort Knowledge shall be our weapon, Good Will Toward All our tool.   I offer my book, FutureAMERICA?  ( 5x8 paperback.   Authorhouse, publisher. ) as an example of the substance and tone of discussion of material to be published in this forum.  

While this website may be perceived to have a "conservative" tone,
I believe the childish labeling and name-calling so popular today is counter-productive.   It will be avoided except where essential to illustration of contrasting argument.   But time is passing, so forgive me if a slight bit more urgency or impatience or distraught expresssion of dismay should surface on this website.   If the goals espoused in FutureAMERICA? are to be achieved, we must motivate!    We must Advocate Freedom
and American patriotism!





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